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Afro Hair

Afro Hair

Afro Cut and Blow dry short 

Afro Cut and Blow dry Medium 

Afro Cut and Blow dry long

Afro Silk Press

Afro Blow dry 

Afro braids

Afro Balayage 

Afro Balayage Long 

Afro Balayage with Roots

Afro Balayage long with Roots

Afro Bleach and Tone Roots

Afro Bleach and Tone Meduim 

Afro Bleach and Tone Long


£80 / hour



Afro Full Head Tint 

Afro Root Tint

Afro 6 weeks+ Roots

Afro Full Head Highlights  Roots

Afro Full Head Highlights  Virgin

Afro Half head Highlights Roots 

Afro Half head Highlights Virgin

Afro Glossing

Afro T-Section Roots

Afro T-Section Virgin






Afro Services

At Muse of London, we take pride in being one of the few salons in central London to provide services for
Afro hair. From relaxers to colour, you name it and our Afro hair specialists do it, on all textures and curl types.

Our Afro hair specialists are confident with all textures and have great knowledge of products/services/treatments suitable for textured hair and can advise and educate you on how to care for your hair at home.


A consultation is recommended before any colour or braiding service, consultations are complementary and will ensure we know exactly what needs to be done and if we need to order any hair to create the final look.

As Afro/curly hair is naturally on the dry side and can be more fragile OLAPLEX is recommended with all colour services as it will help limit any damage done to the hair during the colouring process.


We will wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner and blow dry the hair to the desired style finishing off with some styling products to help keep the Blow dry in shape as long as possible.

Timings 45 - 90 minutes

After the consultation with your stylist your hair will be washed with the recommended shampoo and conditioner, your stylist will then create the perfect haircut for you, finishing off with a lovely blow dry and styling products.

Timings 45 - 90 minutes

Silk press is a luxurious blow dry and straightening service that leaves the hair super silky and soft, while the hair is being pressed out we use moisturising products to keep you moisturized and soft throughout the service. This Silk Press service can last up to a week depending on how you look after your hair.

Timings 60 - 120 minutes

From Tints to Bleach and Tone our stylist can create any colour you want. As colour can cause damage to the hair we strongly recommend adding Olaplex to the colour, Olaplex works in bleach and Tints.

Timings 45 - 90 minutes

A relaxer helps tame and manage unruly hair. It helps to relax ( soften curls) or relax the hair ( go to a straighter texture) when done professionally you can have super soft silky hair that's easy to manage and maintain. Your stylist will also come up with a hair plan to keep the hair looking as healthy as possible with masks, shampoos and treatments.

Timings 75 - 120 minutes

We highly recommend having a consultation for this service as there are lots of types of braids, some braid’s will need hair added to create the look you want, we will also be able to work out timings and order any hair needed, you can also supply the hair yourself if you already know what you want to achieve.

Timings 60 -90 Minutes

A nourishing & conditioning mask is applied to the hair and put under heat to allow the mask to penetrate
the hair.

Timings 20 minutes

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