Hair Extensions

Tape Extensions - from £150

  • No heat

  • No glue

  • Up to 20" length

  • Lasting up to 6-8 weeks

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A Tape-in hair extension is a hairpiece made from human hair. It is a strand of hair that can be attached to your scalp by a specialized tape system. 
A double sided special adhesive which invisibly attaches to your hair, no heat or glue is applied.

It can be done extremely fast, with a potentially seamless end result as long as you make use of a qualified
and experienced hairstylist. The damage to the hair is also less with this method, as the movement of the hair
at the roots is restricted, thus avoiding knots and tangles.

Because of the taped-roots, it can be difficult or painful to tie the hair up or to style the hair in up-styles,
hair-buns, braids etc. Removing extensions is something that needs to be done by a professional 
as we have the tools and expertise to perform a safe removal of tape-in hair extensions.

A - List weave - (Sewn in weave)

  • No heat

  • No glue

  • Up to 26" length

  • Lasting up to 8-10 weeks

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Sew-In hair extensions are often referred to as invisible because the hair looks completely natural to the eye.
Sew in extensions are extensions in which a trained hairdresser uses thread and a needle to sew in human or synthetic weaves into a person’s natural hair.
The appointment time can last between 2 and 4 hours, depending upon the individual.

You will be able to create versatile hairstyles on a regular basis. Another advantage is that if taken care of properly, your weave will last for weeks or even months.

A few weeks after getting the sew in extension, you should grease the scalp because over time your scalp dries out and a moist scalp is important in maintaining your extensions.
Some good oils to use include jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil.
Every two weeks you should wash the extensions and after you wash them, pat them instead of rubbing them with your towel.

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Pre-bonded and customised extensions

  • Keratin bonds

  • Up to 26" length

  • Lasting up to 3-4 months

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This is the most permanent version of hair extensions, and a favourite among Hollywood actresses. If done right, these extensions look natural and stay in the hair for a long period of time.
The extensions are solidly attached to your own hair, and it grows out with the your natural hair.
When it has grown out too far, your stylist can remove the keratin with a soluble substance, and attach the extensions to the root of the hair again. Fitting hair extensions can take anything from 2-8 hours.

Use pre bonded hair extensions to add colour, volume or length to any hairstyle! 

Once your extensions have been fitted it is recommended you do not wash them for at least 48 hours.
This gives the extensions a chance to sit and fall naturally on your head and own hair.

After 48 hours you are free to come back and we wash and blow dry your hair.
You can use any heat appliance you would normally use on your own hair. All you have to remember is to be careful not to get them to close or in contact with the bond as this could melt it.

It is strongly recommended that you buy a soft bristle brush or a tangle teaser as these types of brushes will cause minimal damage to your extensions.

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During your consultation our stylist will do a colour match using a wheel of a variety of colours.
Remember extensions can be used to create highlights or lowlights as well as for volume or length so although you will need to have a base colour to match your natural hair colour others can be added to create this effect.

If your hair is naturally wavy we will assume that you will want the same hair type fitted. If it is wavy but you straighten it daily be sure to tell us and we will fit straight hair, so you do not have to use hot appliances on the extensions as much.

If you decide to go ahead with the fitting after the consultation you will be expected to pay a deposit on the day
of the consultation, this usually ranges between £50-£100 and this amount should will be deducted from the total price.

On the day

We will show you the hair that has been ordered for you,  just to be sure you are happy with the colour,
the texture and the length. 

Installing hair extensions can take anything from 2-8 hours so it is important that before they are fitted you can confirm you are happy with them to avoid wanting them removed afterwards as they were not what you expected as for example you wanted them longer or darker/lighter.

Now just relax and let us do transform you!