Jean d'Estrées Paris is a niche, high end professional brand endowed with 80 years of experience in beauty care.
It has an incredible heritage. The founder, Monsieur Jean d'Estrées was a famous makeup artist during the 1950s
in Hollywood, working with stars such as Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor.
Jean d’Estrees Paris has exclusive beauty care methods offered by trained beauty therapists in beauty institutes. With high technology formulas developed and patented for their efficiency, the products deliver cutting edge results with exceptional textures as well as maximum pleasure.

Jean d'Estrées Treatments

Reparation Global Anti-ageing Facial

The total Anti-ageing answer for renewed youthfulness in 1hr. This treatment attenuates the signs of ageing using marine products. This is the ideal treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, restore elasticity and firm the skin in a record time. Your face will appear younger and your expression relaxed.

D-Pollution Treatment - DETOX

£?? / 30 minute treatment

This treatment is geared up for anyone looking for relaxation and radiance. This range is especially formulated to fight against the harmful effects of the environment and protect the skin from the external aggressions and oxidative stress. 84% of the fine particles on the surface of the skin are removed.

In only 30 minutes:
1  - Express cleansing -> Micellar Water
2 - Exfoliation -> Magic Exfoliating Foam
3 - Serum -> Detox Serum, anti-toxins shield
4 - Maskk -> D-Pollution peel-off mask
5 - Cream -> Boost & Protect

Active Ingredients
- Chlorella
- Vegetal active carbon
- Highly pure white clay
- White Gingseng Root:


Synergessence ‘Custom Made’ Facial

This bespoke treatment is custom made to treat individual skincare concerns: Oily/Combination, Dehydrated, Sensitive/Dry and Anti-ageing . Specific solutions are combined with a ‘double layer mask’ manually massaged with spatulas to smooth out the features, maximise hydration and relaxation. The skin is left soft, wrinkles and lines are attenuated, the face is completely moisturised, smoothed, firmed and rejuvenated.

Discovery Express Treatments

A deep cleansing and detoxifying facial personalised according to your skin type to treat Sensitive,
Dehydrated and Oily or Combination.