Laser hair removal 
and skin treatments

Is your acne scarring making you unhappy? Is your skin damaged from the sun? Do you suffer from muscle knots, aches and pains? Or maybe you just want a needle free alterantive to Botox...

Our laser skin treatments and suction cupping 
may have the answer for you...


Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair Removal is our PERMANENT solution to the never-ending hassle of shaving, plucking or waxing! This treatment is carried out using our latest laser technology and is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES and ALL HAIR TYPES.

It would be advised to have laser hair removal performed once every 4-6 weeks because the treatment targets hair growth through its various cycles.

You should see a difference in hair growth from the first 2 treatments and depending on the area treated and the thickness of the hair, you should see permanent hair loss in 5-8 sessions. It is then advisable to have a top up session every once in a while in case you get any stray hairs coming through. 

Please note that hormonal changes in the body and pregnancy can kick start hair growth in the area treated, so you may need to come back and restart the course if this happens. 


Anti Wrinkle Therapy
Anti-wrinkle therapy is our answer to Botox for people who prefer natural solutions to ageing, hate needles or can't afford the hefty price tag associated with Botox.
This treatment works by tricking the body into sending collagen to the area targeted by the laser. The collagen helps to plump the skin leaving the skin firmer.
There is a visible reduction in wrinkles immediately after the treatment has finished! 
It is advisable to have this treatment once every 3-4 weeks.


Thread Vein Removal
Thread veins can have a lasting effect on an individual's self-esteem and leave you with a lack of confidence to wear what you like. This treatment is carried out with our latest laser technology and is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.

The laser will dissolve the thread vein, firstly by bringing the vein closer to the surface of the skin (which may mean for the first few hours after the treatment, the vein will appear more prominent), the body will then break the vein down and the contents will leave the body through the urinary system.
You may have to have the same vein treated several times before it fully disappears, however some clients have said the thread vein disappeared completely after just 1 treatment.

It is advisable to have this treatment once every 3-4 weeks until the thread veins have gone.



Acne Therapy (helps reduce scarring)
Acne, is for many the worst part of adolescence and can continue through adulthood leaving you with scabs and scars that just don’t seem to fade or heal despite using some of the best products on the market! Whilst treatments like microdermabrasion are great whilst you have active acne, the scarring and marks left over by the acne tend to fade better when targeted by a laser! 

If you are on any acne medication Eg. Retin A, you will need to stop using this 
6 weeks prior to beginning treatment, you may feel it beneficial to have an acid peel a month prior to your first laser treatment.


After the acne therapy treatment, you may notice some general redness on the face. If you have sun-damaged skin, some of the pigmented spots may turn darker and eventually disappear. The bacteria in the acne are difficult to eradicate completely, your doctor will probably recommend that you continue using adapalene cream for a few months after the acne treatment course. 
Should you suffer from a future acne outbreak, the treatment can be repeated 
as a top up.


You must only have the acne therapy treatment at intervals of 4 weeks or more.

Pigmentation Therapy (for freckles, pigmentation marks and age spots)

Pigmentation marks, age spots or an overload of freckles on a particular part of your body can make you feel that you don’t want to ever show off your bare face or skin! Our new laser pigmentation treatments have the perfect solution for you! 

You will need between 4-6 treatments on the area you wish to treat, and top ups will likely be required less frequently in the future Eg. If you get freckles easily and go into the sun without using an spf of factor 30 or higher, you will likely get new freckles and have to return to treat them with the laser.

It is important to have this treatment at intervals of 4-6 weeks. You may see some redness after the treatment however this should subside within a few hours. The use of aloe vera can help reduce any redness on the area treated.

Skin Rejuvenation (for sun damaged or dehydrated skin)

Dehydrated or skin heavily exposed to the sun can leave you looking old beyond your years. Our skin rejuvenation treatment helps to put some life back into the skin and rehydrate the face. This is a great treatment to have if you’ve been hard at work at the office for months on end and feel like your face is showing the strain or if you’ve spent years going on exotic holidays without using the appropriate sun protection!

This treatment should be carried out at 3-4 week intervals until you feel that your face has been restored back to perfection! 

Cupping (using a suction handle and involves no incisions)

Cupping is a practice made famous by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Justin Bieber, however traditional methods of cupping involve making small incisions around the body which leave you looking a little like a walking crop circle afterwards! 

Our vacuum suction cupping treatment involves the therapist placing the cupping vacuum handle on various parts of the body that are causing you problems! The vacuum helps to release tension and rid the body of knots. 
There are no incisions made, therefore making this a much less painful solution to knots, aches and pains around the body in comparison to the older methods of cupping. The treatment works great on larger, flat areas like the back and the thighs but can also be used on smaller parts of the body that you have problems with.


It is not necessary to have a patch test prior to this treatment, you may have slight pinkish or red marks on your body where the vacuum suction handle has been placed, however this should subside overnight! 


  • You will need to have a patch test at least 48 hours prior to treatment for all our treatments except cupping and anti-wrinkle therapy.

  • If you experience any redness or mild swelling during treatment, the therapist will apply some aloe vera to the area treated. You can also use aloe vera after you leave the salon at home, however it is uncommon for redness on the skin to remain longer than 1 hour after treatment has finished.

  • For all treatments except cupping, you must avoid sun exposure for 30 days pre and post treatment. If you find yourself in a situation where you are exposed to the sun then you MUST use a sun lotion of factor 50 or higher.