Chocolate Crusade

The beauty of the Chocolate Crusade is its gorgeous versatility. 
An earthy base can be transformed into a glossy espresso, lightened to a warm honey latte, tinted red or turned macchiato ombre. It’s time to get inspired for your next colour appointment at Muse of London
with the launch of our new Chocolate Crusade campaign!

Muse of London

White Chocolate Praline
Full Head of Highlights

Ultra-fine blond highlights
catch the light like gold,
creating the perfect
irresistible white
chocolate shade.
Creamy and satisfying!

Full Head from £129

Muse of London

Melted Chocolate Mousse
Glossing and Low Lights

There’s nothing quite like a Mousse au Chocolat, creating a perfect balance of cocoa and cream, working in subtle hints of red to emphasize bombshell waves.

Glossing & Lowlights from £149

Muse of London

There’s always an excuse for Champagne. Here it’s created in a chocolate ganache with glimmers 
of caramel babylights for the ultimate dreamy hair colour.

Champagne Truffle
Bright Ombre or Balayage

Muse of London

Ombre or Balayage from £99

Strawberry Ganache
Bleach and Tone

An all round favourite amongst our Muse chocolate tasters, the strawberry white chocolate ganache has the perfect level of zing, bursting with lots of strawberry shades. 

Bleach & Tone from £109

Muse of London

Full Head Colour from £65

Cinnamon Salted Caramel
Full Head Colour

An intense cherry burst, hints of red will warm up any auburn and cocoa shade making it sizzle... 

Muse of London

Dark Chocolate

Take a hint of espresso and create a gorgeous mouth watering gloss on those locks, giving ultra dimension and a look to
be desired.

Glossing from £50

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